Great Hunting - winWW2 Tourney by Czerpak

This tourney is dedicated to memory of Skotty702 – the biggest CAMO products' fan I ever met and good friend of mine. RIP.

From Skot's eulogy :

I would like to thank all of you in the Steel Panthers community for giving my husband Skot Littleton so much joy through the playing of this game. It was his favorite thing to do and I know he was really good at it. He passed away on September 13, 2006 at the age of 36 from Hodgkin’s Disease. To the very end he was trying to play this game in the hospital and he made me go and buy him a laptop so he could play from his hospital bed. I would like to leave some excerpts from the eulogy I wrote, because I think he would want you to know more about him. He was the love of my life and an amazing individual. Here we go:

Here you can find Skotty702 photo gallery

and here is full text of Skot's Eulogy by his wife Michelle







This is a slightly different tournament. You, the players, have to make many decisions, both tactical and strategic. Tourney custodian provides you with generall rules,

maps and some details.

Send an email to Tournament Custodian : tourney


Number of players : what I need is an even number of players. They will be divided into 2 groups (team A and team B). Group A will play against group B,

but results will be compared against players of the same team to achieve a ranking.

Number of games to be played : 4 battles.

This tourney is sort like a campaign, with core forces bought by players at start, plus some reinforcements and/or auxiliary forces coming in before each (or some) battles.

Technical details : each player has to tell me the nation he represents. After sign-in process is completed players will be asked to send me a  list of units for theirs core force

(units quantity and points allocation will be the same for all players ). There will be some restrictions for type and quantity of some units players can buy (see below).

Before each battle you will be informed how many units from core force you can use and what extra units you can buy.

Like in any other campaign units lost in a battle cannot be used in the future (unless reinforcements are allowed).

Time frame : all battles will be fought in JUNE 1944

Number of turns : each battle takes 25 turns

Time limits : battles must be finished in 3 months (there will be some extra time for battles played during  vacation time). It is very important for games to be finished on time, because the

next round cannot start until all games in previous round are finished. Point penalties will be given by tourney custodian for delayed games.

End game : player 2 will send end game files to the custodian.

Passwords : all players must provide the custodian with their password which will be used for the duration of the tournament with their sign-in email.

Battle scoring

Battles will be scored with a special formula. Each player will get one point for a kill made by his units. IMPORTANT : only kills made by units which survived the battle count. This should make

players develop a strategy and force them to make vital tactical decisions.

For the purpose of this tourney units in retreat or rout status (at the end of the game) are considered alive (abandoned vehicles and guns are considered destroyed).

REMEMBER : kills made by units which were lost during the battle dont count for final score.

Tourney scoring

All players are awarded ladder points after each completed round. End games will be recorded against the SP shadow tournament player by the custodian.

The top player in each team will be awarded an Overwhelming Victory, last player a draw. Players in between get lower victory levels, depending on number of participants signing in for the

tourney (details will be updated after sign in is finished).

Top scoring players in each team will be awarded Great Hunting Tourney WINNER medal at the end of the tournament.

All other participants (providing they bear with me to the end of tourney) get Great Hunting Tourney Participant medals.

Special medal will be awarded to the players (one in each team) who finish tourney with highest number of alive units from their core force.

Core force buy rules

Each player picks a maximum of 150 units for a maximum of  7000 points for his core force.

Minimum 40 units must be vehicles of any kind ( transport, AFV, tank, SP guns, SP AA etc)

Minimum 80 units must be footers (horses included).

HQ unit doesnt count for a total number of units and total points spent.

NOTE : if you buy e.g. AT gun with truck to carry it, it counts for 2 units (one foot and one vehicle).

In two weeks time after sign in process is finished players send a list of theirs units to custodian, preferably  in excel or open office format.

Example :

nation : Germany

List of units :





Pzkw IVh




Infanterie Grp




IMPORTANT : there are some type of units you cannot buy for core force :

no arty (only mortars up to 82 mm are allowed) – as arty I consider anything which is capable to fire indirect.

no ammo suppliers

no air

maximum of 10 zero size units are allowed

Above type of units might be available to buy as auxiliary force, about which you will be notified before each battle.

Game settings

All realism options must be ON, only TRAINING must be OFF.

TROOP QUALITY must be set at 70.


maps are courtesy of Double Deuce

GOOD HUNTING !!! Czerpak